Jordan Person

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How To Successfully Prepare For The Largest Spa Trade Show In The U.S.

Trust me, after countless hours and laps around the International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Conferences (IECSC) – as a vendor, educator, and an attendee -there are a few tips that will ensure your success.

Register for classes

Don’t just go to an IECSC for the incredible wholesale pricing on skincare products from the very best vendors in the biz. Go to learn. There are tons of (free) product focused classes as well as (small fee) advanced education classes from leading experts in the spa world.

Knowledge is power. Understand the latest and greatest information available so your clients leave you feeling informed and fantastic.

Take care of your feet

Don’t wear heels, I repeat – Do Not Wear Heels. If this is the first show you are attending you may be focused on looking cute, focus on comfort instead. I made the mistake myself and all I can say is -Ouch. Wear shoes that you can walk more than a mile in, because you will be walking for several miles up and down the rows of vendors.

Pro tip – Use a CBD soak in your sink or tub in your hotel room at the end of the day. Next, apply CBD salve and socks. Then it’s sweet dreams and happy feet in the morning.

Don’t get hangry!

You will end up talking all day long and hunger can come out of nowhere. Carry a snack with you. Bring protein bars, or other easy to carry snacks in your suitcase from home. Walk past the long lines like a pro.

Most importantly – have fun

Meet new people, take lots of pictures and put yourself out there.